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Treat bad breath details of interest to you

Treat bad breath details of interest to you
Treat bad breath details of interest to you

The appearance of an irritating smell of the mouth and breath makes the patient feel embarrassed, especially when in a public place or at a party or when talking to the people around him.

The situation is very embarrassing when talking closely with a partner or partner, or on a test for work or study.

what are the causes of embarrassing mouth odor?

Among the causes that may lead to the appearance of bad breath :

  • Lack of attention to dental hygiene and failure to use the brush from a young age
  • infections of the mouth, gums, throat, and tonsils.
  • The presence of microbial infections in the throat and pharynx, and not treated.
  • Some medications may change mouth odor.
  • Dry mouth, where saliva secretion that contributes to cleaning the mouth reduces food residue
  • Leave food residue accumulating inside the mouth and between the teeth after eating.
  • Performing intra-oral or dental repairs without using the wash prescribed by your doctor
  • Having sinusitis and not treating the problem changes the breath.
  • Smoking changes the smell of the mouth and teeth.
  • Some diseases and malignant tumors, such as cancer and liver infections, as well as acid reflux from the stomach.
  • Eat some foods, such as onions, garlic, and some spices.

What are the symptoms and signs?

Usually, the patient suffers from a disturbing mouth odor, which can be confirmed by the patient by a close friend or family member.

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Some of the procedures a doctor may take to diagnose halitosis:

The doctor assesses the degree and extent of bad smell from the nose or mouth.

Examination of the back of the tongue, which is usually the source of the smell.


Some measures that your doctor may take to treat halitosis:

  • The patient’s recommendation to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Use a suitable mouthwash and toothpaste.
  • Treating any injuries or problems to the gums or teeth

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Treating odor-causing diseases such as gastritis or liver

Prevention is better than cure.

  • Cleaning the teeth after eating
  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Use the brush to clean the tongue.
  • Ensure that dental bridges or braces are clean
  • Avoid dry mouth, by limiting smoking and drinking plenty of water and chewing gum or sugar (preferably without sugar) to move saliva.
  • Avoid foods that cause bad breath and foods that stick to their teeth.
  • Make sure to replace your toothbrush every 3 months.
  • Be sure to visit the dentist regularly (once or twice a year).

Procedures to follow after eating onions and garlic

Many people accept eating onions and garlic for their many benefits, as these foods strengthen natural immunity and also represent natural antibiotics that purify the blood.

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After eating it, you can chew mint leaves, parsley, celery, or any disinfectant herbs that have a lovely aroma such as rosemary and cloves or cardamom pods, all of which lead to getting rid of bad breath, and then drink a cup of mint, tea or forget.

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