Tips to relieve stress

Tips to relieve stress
Tips to relieve stress

Stress is the disease of the day, especially with the frequent daily pressures at home and at work. And tension has many many negative effects, whether psychological or physical. To relieve stress and enjoy relaxation, choose one of the following methods, as appropriate for you.

Anxiety damages

Wasting energy inside us and using it in negative thoughts is useless and useless. When you feel anxious, thoughts take you to a far place and your mind may be busy for long hours. Around you, find yourself still sitting in your place and did not reap any benefit from this thinking, but rather affects your behaviors and behaviors so the positive energy is reflected into negative and frustrated and depressed.

Causes of anxiety

We all know the causes of anxiety and know its damages and negatives, but we are still worried, and does the believer bite from the hole twice? This is due to common misconceptions that we will learn about here:

A common mistake is that anxiety may help you in finding solutions to the things that concern you, and this hole is located in a lot to not know the difference between thinking and anxiety because thinking is a state of careful consideration to find quick solutions to a problem. Nothing, the unconscious mind does not think.

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It does not judge whether the information is true or false, reasonable or superstitious, fact or false, it is only stored as an honest server. Feeling anxious may delude you that you are a responsible person, given that you occupy your thoughts with something, although you do not really bear responsibility, it is just a feeling inside you.

Or is your mind preoccupied with responsibility, but in reality, you do not bear responsibility and do not think logically and do not find solutions to the problems facing you, and what you do is only wasting your energy and accumulating problems.


Meditation can be a great way to relax, especially if you are under stress. Studies confirm that meditation reduces blood pressure and heart rate and also improves mental processes such as memorization, absorption, and concentration. Meditation is very easy. All you have to do is find a quiet and comfortable place.

Close your eyes relax and focus your thoughts on only one thing, such as breathing, looking at a painting or a rose in front of you or you can imagine a picture on your mind that you are on the beach or in the middle of green plantations.

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Drink green tea

Green tea is soothing to the nerves and contains a kind of amino acid that helps to relax and works to reverse the effect of caffeine that causes stress.

Food for the mood

Certain foods, such as chocolate, ice cream, pretzels, and starches, may help relieve stress because they increase the level of the hormone serotonin secretion, which is responsible for the mood in the body. So you can eat those foods if you feel nervous while making sure to eat limited quantities in order to keep you fit.

Make a corner to relax

Many health clubs have a relaxation room and you can make one of them at home, not a room in the sense of a room where you can make a corner inside the bedroom. The idea here is not space but that this corner be dedicated only to relax and is characterized by dim light and you can light a candle in this place with the exclusion of the laptop and your mobile phone when in the relaxation corner.

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Listen to music

Listening to a little bit of relaxing music helps relax, it also reduces heartbeat and prevents muscle contraction, and this reduces tension.

Showering with warm water

Warm water relaxes muscles and soothes nerves, so it helps you relax and relieve stress.


Exercise helps to produce endorphins that reduce stress and studies indicate that exercising for 20 minutes a day keeps you anxious and stressed.

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