The benefits of sun exposure are here

The benefits of sun exposure are here
The benefits of sun exposure are here

At this time of the year, some prefer sun exposure to get some warmth, but with talk about sun damage, from wrinkles to skin cancer, we all hide from the sun. And with everyone aware of the damages of being exposed to rays, the sun’s rays have benefits that many people do not know. These benefits are:

The sun may protect against the risk of cancer

The sun is needed to make vitamin D, which is a necessary vitamin to absorb calcium in the body and not exposed to the sun. The body suffers from a severe deficiency of vitamin D. There is a study that confirms that vitamin D reduces the incidence of breast and colon cancer by 60%.

The sun helps Alzheimer’s patients

Medical research confirms that the sequence of exposure to sunlight during the day with darkness at night improves the performance of the brain and helps in regular sleep and reduces the night activity of the patient, which helps Alzheimer’s patients.

The sun reduces cholesterol in the blood

Studies have shown that exposure to the sun at a young age helps prevent atherosclerosis in the elderly.

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The sun helps treat psoriasis

Sun exposure is very beneficial for psoriasis patients and there is a study stating that exposure of patients to a solarium for four weeks improves conditions by 84% of patients.

Sun exposure reduces symptoms of depression

Exposure to the sun improves mood and for patients with mild depression, exposure to the sun may help improve mood.

Exposure to the sun protects against osteoporosis

Vitamin D is needed to precipitate calcium on the bones, a deficiency of vitamin D leads to osteoporosis and vitamin D is activated by the sun and thus exposure to the sun protects from osteoporosis.

Exposure to the sun helps to sleep quietly

Exposure to the sun regulates the release of the hormone melatonin, which helps in achieving a peaceful sleep.

It must be taken into account that exposure to the sun must be at times other than peak times and for limited periods in order for the skin not to be affected, and must also take into account the wearing of sunglasses and the application of sunscreen.

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Sun damage

These are many benefits of sunlight if they are used with caution and in accordance with the recommendations. Scientists have recommended that the most appropriate time for exposure to sunlight is from eight o’clock until ten o’clock in the morning, and from four o’clock until sunset, exposure in these hours of radiation avoids the risks of harmful rays and summarizes The risks are as follows:

  • Eye lens damage
  • Skin cancer
  • Premature aging
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