Iron-rich foods to fight anemia

Iron-rich foods to fight anemia
Iron-rich foods to fight anemia

Doctors consider the iron component one of the most important nutrients that the human body needs. This is due to the importance of iron in purifying blood cells and reducing the percentage of fat in the blood. Usually, anemia is caused by a decrease in the iron element in the body.

In order to keep your body healthy against anemia and its annoying symptoms, you should eat the foods provided by your life magazine in this article.


The meat of all kinds is considered one of the most important sources of iron, in addition to the presence of copper, folic acid and vitamin A, so be sure to eat the meat of all kinds to protect yourself from anemia.

Pumpkin seeds

East Asian people depend on their diet for pumpkin pills, which contains 15 mg of iron, but before eating, you should make sure to soak them for 6-8 hours.

The black Honey

One of the most important sources of iron and other nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, is black honey, which is broken with black honey in the morning, in order to benefit from its high nutritional ability.

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Wheat grain

Wheat grains contain a high content of iron and meet your daily requirement of this important element. You can breakfast with wheat grains to get the benefit that iron provides to your body.


Spinach is an iron-rich vegetable that helps deliver oxygen to the muscles of the body, making it stronger.


Pulses contain a high percentage of iron, especially lentils and white beans. Lentils contain 85% of iron, and beans contain 40% of iron, in addition to fiber and vitamin B.


Eggs are an important source of protein, but the egg yolks are high in iron. Eating one egg yolk gives the body about 6 mg of iron.

Anemia overview

The term anemia is called the condition in which there is a decrease in the total sum of red blood cells in the blood and the fact that specialists suggest that a person has anemia if the result of one of the following is below the normal limit:

Hemoglobin, or the number of red blood cells, To understand this, it must be shown that hemoglobin is only an iron-rich protein that gives the red blood cells their color, which is responsible for allowing blood cells Red carries oxygen from the lungs and transports it to different parts of the body, in addition to allowing red blood cells to transfer a proportion of the carbon dioxide caused by metabolism from different tissue cells to the lungs to get rid of it there.

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As for hematocrit it is the term that is called Packed Red Blood Cells relative to all of the blood, and in this context, it is indicated that the blood is a liquid found in the body at a rate of approximately five liters, and is responsible for many functions, and a fact is considered The blood is more viscous than water because half of its content is the plasma that forms the liquid part of it, while the other half of the blood is made up of three types of cells, which are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

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