How does your mood affect your skin health?

How does your mood affect your skin health?
How does your mood affect your skin health?

Volatile feelings every day of our lives not only affect our mental peace, but their impact extends to our skin as well. Tension, anger, depression, shame, and fear are some of the main emotions that pass through us every day, and each of these feelings negatively affects our skin.

This harm also depends on how long mood swings occur. Bad feelings that persist with us for long periods cause irreversible damage. Conversely, a good mood and happiness have some positive benefits for the beauty of your skin. Together, we learn about the effect of different feelings on the skin through the following lines.

Stress and tension

Stress and tension is the primary enemy of youthful skin, both of which cause the skin to age faster than its true age. In cases of stress or stress, the body secretes the hormone cortisol, which can harm the skin cells greatly by interfering with the pattern of blood flow, as this hormone weakens the blood vessels in the face and leads to skin aging. Studies have shown that stress can cause skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It was also noted that during difficult times people crave more sugary and unwanted foods that are harmful to the body and skin.

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Anger affects facial muscles as it delays healing the skin and increases wrinkles and dark spots. Prolonged anger can cause chest pain, excessive sweating and high blood pressure. People who suppress feelings of anger may experience rashes, warts, eczema and acne.

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Depression produces higher levels of the hormone cortisol in the bloodstream. This leads to premature hair loss, skin pigmentation, and increased fat in the hip areas and can deepen wrinkle lines on your face. Prolonged depression is a catastrophic problem for the skin as it causes the production of hormones that affect sleep patterns, which leads to swollen eyes and fatigue of the skin.


Embarrassment increases acne problems. It impedes blood flow to the muscles, which affects the health of skin cells. It also interferes with the secretion of enzymes and hormones responsible for cell regeneration.

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The body produces adrenaline at fear, which causes muscle tension and increases wrinkles and folds in the skin, making the skin appear older.

Avoid previous negative feelings to preserve the health of your skin, and try to be calm, while getting enough sleep, reduce stress and unleash your tears if you feel sad or depressed, this can help you get rid of negative feelings.

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