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As we are all now back at home and away from Durham, it may feel like we are back in March and we are entering a new quarantine. Depending on where you live, a lot of businesses in your area may have reduced hours or could be closed completely. More likely than not, some of these places could include your favorite restaurants and gyms. When we were all back on or near campus we were fortunate enough to have access to the Hamel Rec. Center whose staff worked tirelessly to give us a semi-normal experience between open gym and fitness classes. Fortunately again, the HRC has pulled through for us!  

Over the course of this very long winter break, the HRC will be offering a wide variety of exercise classes, workouts of the day, and much more to all UNH students, faculty, and staff. On the HRC homepage, you will find a new tab on top called “CRec @ Home”. When you click on this tab, it brings you to all of the fun and virtual fitness classes that the HRC offers. There are classes that have been pre-recorded and are on demand. Simply select the type of workout you are looking for (yoga, strength, pilates, or cardio) and log into your UNH account via the Kaltura portal. There are also crossfit-inspired workouts of the day that have been pre-recorded. Make these as long or as short as you want as they can be done at your own pace. There is also a new option called “Fun with Family”. This is a list of recipes and fun activities that you could do at home with younger siblings or other family members if you can’t get outside as often in the winter season.  

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Finally, my personal favorite feature is “Rec Movement 2020”. This is a portal that has a collection of pre-recorded group fitness classes from over 60 colleges and universities across the country. There are classes for cardio kickboxing, strength & core, yoga, pilates, cycling, and much more! The latest one that I did was strength class from a super fun instructor at UCLA! It was so cool! Let us know what your favorite CRec @ Home feature is at [email protected]  

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