Get rid of sadness and depression with this practical advice

Get rid of sadness and depression with this practical advice
Get rid of sadness and depression with this practical advice

Perhaps you feel from time to time some sadness for many reasons that may be emotional problems or work or as a result of many pressures that you exercise, as sadness may afflict you without a specific reason which is called winter depression, so it affects your behavior and your relationships with those around you, which leads to a state of dissatisfaction About yourself and what you do with those around you, especially with those you love.

And because your psychological state matters to your life magazine, we decided to present to you in this article the simplest tips that will help you overcome the tribulations and problems psychologically, to get you out of the state of sadness into a happy time full of optimism and fun.

Remember the happy moments

If you can’t gather friends or family to take group photos in which you record the most wonderful moments, then take out the photo album that was taken for your family and for your friends and remembers those fun moments and think about the happy situations that were associated with the picture, then you will smile forgetting anything that may bother you.

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Doing activities

Play the music, draw, or make some handiwork that you always made of what your friends liked. Share your family with a cake, make it yourself, and decorate it with cream and fruit.

Eat your favorite meals

Eating a meal that you desire will positively affect your psychological state. If you love pizza, pasta or one of the sweets, do not mind eating it as a matter of change. Feeling hungry is one of the factors that affect your happiness.

Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply; breathing in a correct way is able to bring feelings of sadness inside you. Begin now, breathe deeply and exhale smoothly and rest to ensure recovery from feelings of anxiety and stress.

Offering help

Pay attention to the problem of a friend or relative and think about solutions to solve this problem and get rid of it. Providing help to others gives an inner feeling of happiness and expels you from a feeling of sorrow, and it will add to you a sense of confidence and complacency and turns your negative energy into positive energy.

Skip the problems

Always try to overcome your problems, studies have proven that keeping anger until the explosion increases bad feelings and leads to double depression.

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Traveling far away

Make a decision to travel to a place of yours that makes you feel comfortable. Doing something unexpected and getting out of routine stimulates the brain and leads to happiness.

The joy of children

Watch the joy in the eyes of the children in your neighborhood, after you have distributed candy and toys to them, how much you will forget your sadness in front of the smile of the children.

Playing sports

Exercising improves mood and brings happiness. Do not let yourself down in exercising continuously. The best time to exercise in the morning is when you wake up.

Watch a romantic movie

With a romantic movie that you love, and on a rocking chair on your balcony, take your favorite chocolate to melt the sadness and melt the chocolate bars in your mouth.

Dealing with the husband intelligently

Replace the inconvenience of the husband with many requests by hinting for your needs, so his reactions will change from ignorance to responsiveness.

Stay away from what bothers you

If your sadness because of the presence of an unwanted person disturbs your life and offends you, then immediately start making a decision to stay away from him and cut off all contact with you, while facing him with your decision without insulting or offending.

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Writing down the blessings that God has given you

Bring a paper and pen, and start writing all the happy and positive thoughts in your life, and praise God for their existence as health, family and supremacy, and draw closer to God, so remembering the happy things in life refreshes your memory and helps the brain to renew the bad images inside it and thus helps you get rid of depressing feelings and replace them with joyous feelings Full of hopes.

A warm bath and a distinctive fragrance

Familiarize yourself with a warm bath, and wear your favorite fragrance afterward. Warm water helps relax nerves and expels feelings of anger, and the favorite perfume helps you improve mood.

Call an old friend

Call a dear friend to your heart who did not hear her voice from a great period because of the concerns, and be aware of her joy when she heard your voice, start by remembering the good situations and happy memories that brought you together, and you can set a date to meet them, all of this will help you to overcome difficult periods.

Did you benefit from these tips? Share your thoughts and experiences throughout your life

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