Ensure your fitness and health with these tips

Ensure your fitness and health with these tips
Ensure your fitness and health with these tips

Here we may have the festive season and celebration of Christmas and New Years, in which many occasions and happy celebrations abound with family and friends, so we may succumb to the temptations of different tables on these occasions, so we fall into the problem of losing fitness and also health, due to our inability to control ourselves, and limit Or calculate what we eat on these happy days.

That is why I thought to give you 10 quick and effective tips to get to know them and to help you avoid nutritional mistakes that you may make during the various holidays and invitations, to ensure that you are always fit and full health.

Food time management

Never forget that the title of agility is in the regularity of food schedules, so you never hesitate to organize your eating times, especially these days, and regularity on previous dates that you are used to, if you are invited to a friend, try to tell her kindly that you are practicing one of the diet regimens, which It requires you to organize your food appointments, your friend will understand your situation, and will undoubtedly encourage you to continue.

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Never give up or no to surrender

Do not give in to your friends’ temptations to taste all kinds of items on the table, but try to eat what you like and what makes the whole-health benefit of your body, so excessive food is useless more than the calories that enter the body, it will also cause you indigestion and also annoying pain in Stomach.

Avoid red meat

Try to avoid eating red meat, or reduce its consumption, as nutritionists advise you to eat it boiled or grilled and not fried, especially if you are diabetic, heart, or obese, God forbid, so you should avoid red meat and also fatty, salty and sugary foods.

Dessert after the basic meal

Some women prefer to start eating sweets, crackers or appetizers, and this is a big mistake because sweets help to open the appetite as it causes obesity and confuses the work of the stomach, you should eat sweets after the basic meal, or replace it with a fruit of apples or oranges.

No industrial drinks

Refrain completely from industrial and soft drinks, which will cause you pain and gas in the stomach, as well as add unhealthy calories to you that you need, so try to replace those drinks and artificial juices with natural drinks, and that if not available you can replace them with drinking water.

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Eat food before going to the invitation!

Yes, you have to eat a small calorie meal before going to a lunch or dinner party, or to meet girlfriends’ invitation! Because going to the party and you are hungry will lead you to devour more food in huge quantities and you do not feel.

Not for spicy foods

If you suffer from an allergy or a stomach ulcer, never eat hot and spicy foods and sauces, fried and heavy foods, and spices and drinks that contain caffeine.

No salty food

If you suffer from high blood pressure, stay away from salty foods such as pickles, smoked meats, etc., but more than drink water.

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