Cosmetic and health secrets keep you nicer while sick

Cosmetic and health secrets keep you nicer while sick
Cosmetic and health secrets keep you nicer while sick

In the winter season, the infection with influenza is frequent among people. We certainly note the lethargy in the body and the skin and face fading when infected with this disease, so it affects our internal health and the external freshness of our skin. It also causes us to have a form that may bother us sometimes, especially if there is a special or important appointment.

To avoid puffy eyes, dark circles, and dry skin, I present to you in this article very important cosmetic and health secrets that help you to stay beautiful even while you are sick and to appear in the most beautiful and distinctive suit always.

Cosmetic advice


Having the flu means running nose and sneezing constantly, and when you sneeze, the eyes tear, so apply light layers of mascara, and do not forget to use waterproof mascara.

Face powder

If you want to apply only a regular rose without a foundation cream, you must know the types of face powder and what suits your skin especially when it is dry because of your disease, for this we advise you to stay away from the regular powder and use liquid foundation, or apply a moisturizing cream before applying the powder, to wait until the skin cells have absorbed Cream, then apply the powder to damp and smooth skin.

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Lip gloss

You can apply a delicate lip gloss in a pink color, as this color will add vitality and radiance to you, and stay away from the lipstick brown and beige color because this color will show your tiredness more.

Makeup your eyes

Learn how to apply eye shadow in general, because it is the most important step in your makeup to appear more beautiful, but when you are sick make your makeup simple, use light eye shadow colors, such as beige, silver, pink, pink and green, to light the area of   the eyes, and avoid setting dark colors like black, or put several colors With each other so that your eyes do not appear tired and tired, and do not forget to bend your lashes and put a few mascaras on them.

Foundation cream

To hide all traces of fatigue and fatigue, put in a bronze color foundation, as it will suit your pink lip gloss and make it look your best.

Do not forget to place the bleach on your cheeks during your illness, as the bleacher gives a healthy and natural look to your pale face if it is placed perfectly. You can use your favorite blusher or bronze, or combine them.

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And when your skin becomes dehydrated, you can use cream bleacher, to give you natural roses and attractive skin.


Use the concealer of yellow or green color to hide your skin defects resulting from your lack of sleep and fatigue, as the yellow color helps to hide the dark circles under your eyes, while the green color helps you to hide any redness of your skin, especially the nose area that is red due to congestion and a runny nose.

Distract them

Distract those who look at you by highlighting your healthy facial features and hiding other tired areas. So if your lips are tired and cracked, even after using lip balm, you can highlight the health of your eyes by makeup to distract those who look at you from the pale features of your face.

Health advice


You can use tea as compresses to apply it over your eyes for 15 minutes, as it will help you to hide dark circles, and will also help reduce the puffiness of your eyes.

The snow

You can also use ice blocks to get rid of the effects of exhaustion in your eyes by bringing two blocks of ice, and put each block in a piece of gauze and put it for 10 minutes on your eyes, it will help you get rid of the effects of fatigue and will make your eyes sparkle like stars.

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Store the eyes moisturizer in the refrigerator

You can store the eye moisturizer in the refrigerator, so when you put it on your tired eyes it will not only refresh them, it will also reduce their puffiness.

Your lips

It is necessary to exfoliate your lips safely throughout the winter period, especially when you are sick where you are dehydrated, which leads to the accumulation of dead skin on them, and to exfoliate it safely and healthily you can bring the cream of glycerin and put a little of it on your lips and pass a warm towel over it gently and in circular motions until it is finally cleared Of dead skin.

Moisturizing your skin

One of the most important steps to appear in a way that satisfies you in the event of your illness is to take care of your skin adequately and moisturize daily and for this, so if you want to look more radiant and healthy, drink daily no less than 8 cups of water to naturally moisturize your skin, and you can also apply a moisturizing cream appropriate for your skin at night before bed For your skin cells to benefit from its nutrients throughout your sleep, you should also take a small pack of moisturizing cream in your bag when you go out, as the dry outside air and the medicine cause sudden dryness of your skin.

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