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Common errors in cleaning the teeth

Common errors in cleaning the teeth
Common errors in cleaning the teeth

A tooth cleaning is a daily habit that causes us to perform very proteinuria without paying attention to that cleaning the teeth requires deliberation in order to avoid mistakes that lead to tooth decay and gum problems. And among the dentists’ advice, we collected the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. These errors are:

Using an inappropriate toothbrush

Dentists recommend using a medium-sized brush with a comfortable handle for the hand. Doctors also indicate that an electric brush is more effective than a manual brush.

Choose an ineffective bristled brush

Doctors recommend using a soft to the medium toothbrush and avoiding very hard bristles so as not to scratch the teeth.

Failure to wash the teeth a sufficient number of times

Teeth washing must be twice a day, one time before bed, each time for two minutes. If you eat a lot of sugars, you should wash your teeth more often.

Tooth washing more than necessary

Washing your teeth more than 3 times for too long may cause irritation to the gums and remove the enamel layer.

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Using the brush incorrectly

To clean your teeth properly, place the brush head against your teeth, then tilt the front of the brush head to a 45-degree angle against the gum line. Move the brush in small circular motions, several times, on all surfaces of the teeth.

Brush the outer surfaces of each tooth, upper and lower, and keep the brush bristles against the gum line. Then use the same technique on the surfaces inside all your teeth.

To wash teeth from the same place every time

Many people start brushing on the same part of their mouths over and over again. Doctors advise starting from a different place every time so that the same teeth are not left every time until the last washing time.

Skip the surfaces of the inner teeth

Most people forget to clean the internal surfaces of the teeth, which leads to the accumulation of food residue and tartar.

Count the rinsed brush after washing

Many people forget to rinse the toothbrush after they finish using the brush, and this gives ample room for bacteria to grow on the brush. Therefore, the brush should be rinsed thoroughly after each use.

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Do not allow the brush to dry

A wet brush is an environment suitable for bacterial growth, so the brush must be left to dry completely before the next use. Doctors recommend using two brushes so that we allow one to dry after use and use dry and so on.

Not to change the brush every suitable period

Doctors recommend changing the brush every two to three months. However, if you find that your brush teeth are starting to wear out before this period, change them immediately.

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