Beware of plastics, one of the causes of cancer

Beware of plastics, one of the causes of cancer
Beware of plastics, one of the causes of cancer

Do you use plastic utensils in the microwave; do you put water in plastic bottles in the refrigerator? Finally, the cause of cancer has been discovered to be the plastic substance, the latest discoverer of cancer-causing women from Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States.

  1. Do not place any plastic containers or utensils in the microwave.
  2. Do not place any plastic water bottle in the freezer.
  3. Do not put any foods wrapped in plastic in the microwave.
  4. The plastic contains the chemical dioxin that causes cancer, especially breast cancer. Dioxin is a substance that seriously poisons the cells of the body.
  5. Do not freeze (vials) plastic bottles that contain water or any other liquids because that would free the toxic dioxin from the plastic and thus mix with water or ice liquid and then drink it and cause us cancer.
  6. Do not drink water from the plastic bottles that were left in the car for a long time, because they are exposed to the sun and thus the plastic interacts with water at a temperature at sunrise and releases toxic dioxin into the water.

Recently, made a television interview in which he explained these health risks.

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We should not warm food in the microwave using plastic utensils especially food that contains fat. He said that the presence of fat under high temperatures frees the dioxin from the plastic to mix with food and ultimately to the cells of the body.

Instead, he recommends using glass utensils such as Pyrex or ceramic utensils to warm food. The paper is not bad, but you don’t know what is made of that. It is better to use glass. The doctor mentioned that a short time ago some fast-food restaurants abandoned foam containers or made of cork and replaced it with paper. One of the reasons for this abandonment was dioxin.

He also pointed out that the plastic wrap (transparent nylon to cover the utensils or to wrap the food) is only dangerous if the food is covered or wrapped with it and then cook the food with a microwave because the heat will melt the toxins in the plastic and thus these toxins mix with the open food. It is better to cover food with paper rather than plastic.

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Finally, the grandmothers used to cook in the clay pots that enter the oven. Scientists and nutritionists have proven that these simple utensils are 100% healthy and give a wonderful taste of food. What do you think if we went back to nature and how to cook grandmothers to preserve our health and the health of our loved ones?

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